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Quarantine, Mid-Terms, and the Student Government....oh my!

Hello All!

We're not going to lie to's been tough. Really tough, but we've gotten through it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we can just barely make out the semester finish line!

With the world going insane, and grocery prices going up, we decided that instead of sitting around this afternoon, eating my way through a bag of Sun Chips, we thought that an update would be cathartic.

We've faced descriptive statistics, tackled second-wave feminism ideas, and wrestled with workplace motivational concepts...all without any kind of superhero cape. This semester nearly kicked us down, but somehow, we've managed to make it through.

Leland misses being on campus, but on the off days that we do get on that bus to ride onto MTSU grounds, does his tail wag! He sits proudly, with his chest puffed out, ready to board the bus, and lay at my feet, just like he was taught to do at Southeastern Guide Dogs. Then...he gets to do his favorite thing in the world...sleep and snore through my classes, under my chair!

Even with all of the fun, heart-warming stuff, there are the long hours of sitting in our office, with me staring at a computer screen, only to be met with a paw in my lap or his head resting on my leg, reminding me to get up and stretch. There have been the late nights of turning in an assignment, only to feel the anxiety and dread of the grading process, but there's Leland, always by my side for me to hold on to.

There have been the quarantines and COVID scares, as we hear about more and more cases, classmates catching it, or watching the number of cases go up. We don't go to football games, we make our grocery trips as short and concise as possible. It's a strange new world that we're living in, but one that has been made better by Leland's presence.

With all that being said...we focus on the good times, the small victories, and accomplishments, like getting to PROUDLY announce that we have been appointed to the MTSU Student Government as their Veteran Senator (and Senator's 'aide'), getting to represent the veteran student body on campus, being able to make real changes in the legislature at our school. Or, getting to take daily walks together, even if it means just going down the sidewalk on our street.

Times are insane, and life gets hectic, but as long as we hold on to the happy moments, the tail wags, face licks, and playtimes, we'll get through it, and come out of the other side even better.

Here's to the rest of the semester, and to the rest of 2020...may they be as happy as Leland when he gets a big dog cookie from Petco!

Hugs and tail wags!

-Stefanie and Leland

p.s...yes that is Leland and I dressed up as sharks...Halloween only comes once a year!

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