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Hello, it's me

Hello there, it's been awhile!

There are no excuses, other than life, and that it happens. Now, where were we?

So much has happened since my last post, so much. It may actually take me a few posts to just fill you in on everything! Let's start with the biggest and go from there.

To start, Leland and I had our first day of college classes together. It was not easy, and was probably as scary as my first day of Kindergarten.

Would the kids be nice to me? What happens if a teacher doesn't like me? Where would I sit for lunch?

None of those questions mattered, because I had my super-dog by my side. We drove to the parking lot, I put on my backpack, and we waited for the bus, with Leland on my left side, sitting perfectly.

As the bus slowly rolled up to the stop, I gave Leland the command to stand, and before we knew it, we had gotten on the bus, and found a seat without a hitch. The bus lurched into motion, and Leland, ever the professional, laid down between my legs, and didn't even bat an eye.

This was it. We were made for this!

My stomach rolled with uncertainty, I could feel my heart start to race. Our stop was coming up. I felt a cold nose on my thumb, and found two golden eyes staring up at me.

"It's all going to be OK," his eyes said.

We unloaded from the bus, and I stood in front of the building of my first class. I took a few seconds and breathed it all in. I had come about an hour early, so it was just the two of us. I looked at my old dorm building, the one I had been in when I decided to join the military. I looked at the posters, all advertising some event or another. I looked at the Forrest Hall, across the parking lot; the building where I sat down with a recruiter and solidified my decision to join. It was all here, and so was I. I gripped Leland's leash, and we made the first steps towards going inside.

None of this could have happened without my super-dog.

Until next time, we promise it'll be tomorrow, not next year :)

- Stefanie + Leland

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